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    Me again with pronunciation problems

    Hi all
    I memorized many words but I discoverd lately that I pronounce them wrongly. Though I learnt the correct pronunciations but the wrong ones stuck in my mind.
    How can I change what I have been pronouncing since years?
    They are basic words that I used daily like busy I pronounce it bazzy, ear as air, spouse as spoose, idiom as aydom....and many others. Oh I feel I should go back and start over again since I don't know what else I mispronounce!

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    Re: Me again with pronunciation problems

    I have the same problem, particularly with those "th" sounds. I'm OK with the voiceless one now, but the voiced is still a problem. No easy ways, just speak out the correct version 'til you make it right. For some words you should repeat it a hundred times, maybe more.

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    Re: Me again with pronunciation problems

    Memorizing lists of words is often more trouble than it's worth. Learn fewer words at a time, and check out the pronunciation and usage.

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