Dear all,

I am going to apply for International Master in Entrepreneurship Education and Training (IMEET) programme. I need an urgent help because my deadline is close and I would be grateful if you could check punctuations, grammar and style of my essay.
The vision of IMEET is to create an elite of teachers, trainers, and consultants who can contribute both to the fostering of entrepreneurial individuals and to the development of entrepreneurial organizations.

I am sorry for any obvious mistake!
Briefly describe what you expect from the IMEET Programme.

Iran's high inflation and unemployment rate, lack of knowledge beside my interest for entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation motivated me to apply for IMEET programme; so I expect the IMEET offer me a high quality programme by integrating practical experiences with theoretical studies. This will allow me to apply my theoretical knowledge in actual work.

I know this is hard for many people to imagine themselves as entrepreneurs and be responsible for their own income, especially when they have no experience in doing so; then I hope IMEET expand my skills within entrepreneurship teaching and learning facilitation so I can have an efficient and effective contribution to create a new innovative learning culture.

I hope to gain a deep understanding of classic and contemporary theories on entrepreneurship as well as pedagogy knowledge by interacting with highly qualified professors in entrepreneurship and education.

Moreover, I expect the programme give me a new and wide perspective on the role of creativity, innovation and enterprising behavior.