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    Red face as of

    Hi Everyone,

    Could you help me understand the difference between:
    "this kind of studies has been carried on for long time"
    "this kind of studies has been carried on as of long time"

    I found the form "as of" in the dictionary but I cannot understand in which context I can use it. in fact I think that the way I used it is not correct.

    thank you,


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    Re: as of

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    Re: as of

    Hi Buno,
    "as of (a time)" means up/by (a time). Look at this sentence:
    As of last week he was still unmarried.
    It is equal to: Up to last week he was still unmarried.

    Sometimes it also refers to "in term of; considering" Eg:The property belongs to her as of right.
    It is equal to:The property belongs to her in terms of right.

    That is my understanding. Hope helpful!
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    Re: as of

    "as of" also means "from".
    "As of today, we'll do it my way".
    So, you can see it means two opposite things: up until, and from/since. For this reason, it's best avoided, in my opinion. There are always better, less ambiguous options.

    "As of 20th May, we had $15,000." ->
    "Up until 20th May, we made $15,000."
    "On 20th May, we had $15,000."

    "As of today ..." -> "From today ..."
    "As of 21st May, we've made $7,000" -> "Since 21st May ..."

    If you see "as of" sometimes you have to guess from the context what it means.

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    Re: as of

    thank you for your useful links and explanation!



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