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    2 small paragraph need edit

    I would want to noted that different countries in Europe put efforts during the Renaissance. During the twelfth and thirteen centuries, Italy had the most universities compare to other different countries in Europe. By the fourteenth century, some universities began to disappear in Italy. On the other hand, some universities began to appear in other parts of Europe. Later 15 century, almost all of the universities had disappeared in Italy, but more universities appeared in other countries. This mean Italy was a precedent of Renaissance, but more universities vanished as time passed on, and other countries increased more universities.

    According to many documents that proved either the Renaissance was a unique era, or a continuation of Middle Age. I personally think that the Renaissance was a unique era of its own. Since all the tremendous success happened during that age. It involved many years, many men to achieved this great successful era.

    any grammar mistake, or fragment ?

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    Re: 2 small paragraph need edit

    Plenty. I'll help you with this tomorrow. I'm really tired right now. 12 is spelled wrong by the way. I think its twelve. I'm not sure. I can't think right now.

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