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Thread: informal letter

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    Cool informal letter

    Peter has just finished school- one excellent grade in computer science. He is into cars and is very sportive but these things do not lead to real jobs. He is not in a hurry. His parents are now writing to you to give him an advice as he appreciates your opinion very much

    Hi Peter!

    I heard you have successfully completed primary school, well done! Starting a secondary school is a big thing, a milestone in your life. Now, when I think of myself at your age, it makes me want to go back. It is a chance to start a new life for you. You will make new friends and have a lot of fun going out with your classmates..

    Of course, it is not all milk and honey. As you grow up, there comes a bigger responsibility as well. Decisions you make now will have a great impact on you and it will determine your future life. I remember I wanted to become a fashion designer and I was looking for a glamorous life. It didn’t take a lot of time for me to went off the idea. After a first year I realized it won’t be as easy to make a living from that as I thought at first. I then decided to follow my father footsteps and become an accountant. Of course, eventually it all turned well as it always does, but it took me a lot of time and effort to catch up with my generation. I felt I was always legging behind. Therefore, it is very important to think through before deciding anything.

    So, you’re good at computers? Well, let me tell you that IT technology and It technicians are in high demand all over. With that profession one can really get the true meaning of the expression; “The world is your oyster.” You get to chose where you want to work, whether you want to travel over the pond or work in a neighbouring village. They are wanted literally everywhere. Since you are keen on working with cars, let me assure you that they are wanted in automobile industry too. Nowadays when everything is computerized, it is the profession of the future.
    Maybe you could get a summer job in one of those car workshops in your town and get some experience and earn some money. That way you could do what you like and get the knowledge of cars. With that knowledge and a diploma from a computer science school you will have a broad rage of options later on.

    Anyways, what ever career you decide to pursue, make sure you always strive for perfection and try to do the most of it as the time is precious. I have come to learn that on a more difficult way.
    Keep me posted and let me know if you are coming to visit this summer.

    Write back

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    Re: informal letter

    how would u grade this letter?


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    Re: informal letter

    C can’t u say that someone is into music, cars, books etc instead of interested in

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    Re: informal letter

    ah i see, thanks

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