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    Could I get some comments on my English mock exam?

    I'm a sixteen-year-old boy from Norway. Approximately two months ago, we had our English mock exam (an exam to prepare us for the real exam, which we're having tomorrow). I would like some of you to comment on my language, vocabulary and ingenuity. I received the best grade possible on this mock exam, but I didn't really get any comments on it.

    The task was:
    Task 3C
    Planning a novel OR a film script
    You are going to write a novel or a film script where something unexpected or unexplained
    • State the type of novel or film you are going to work on: science fiction, romantic,
    detective, factual drama, historical etc.
    • Write a half-page summary of your novel or film (remember about paragraphs).
    • Write the last page(s) of your novel or film script (not the whole novel/film script!).
    • Find a suitable title to attract your reader.
    The file included in this post, contains Task 1 and Task 2 as well, but don't mind them.
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