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    could someone check this email please?

    Your English-speaking friend, Sam, is an art student. Read his email and write him back.

    Hi Sam!
    Of course you can come and paint me. As you know, I've always been fond of portraits and art, so I'll be very glad to help.
    I have a nice balcony in the back of my house, which I think would be suitable. It's airy and has a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and fields. Also, I've planted plenty of flowers in there so it's even colorful.
    I suggest you include in the picture my chessboard. It's not valuable at all, but it means a lot to me as I was given it by my father, and I learned to play chess on that. You may not find it beautiful, but the wood of what it's made out is very pregiate.
    Everything's pretty clear, just do I have to be dressed in any particular way, for the picture?
    Let me know when you're exactly coming, too.
    Reply soon,

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    Re: could someone check this email please?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gillnetter View Post
    Thank you a lot Gil
    No, that word just doesn't exist actually. I thought it was the English for "pregiato" but it turned out I completely invented it.

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