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    Since we.. live in the information age, which is famous of technological innovations in order to make global connections easier. One of the most vital innovations is the internet which was invented in twentieth century and developed in current century. It is remarkable innovation because of its several benefits in our daily life as; email, international trade and banking issues, latest news, the internet that invaded our daily life events.

    Firstly , the email is an important tool to make connections between people in all sides on ..Earth. There are a lot of facilities for making this, allowing us to send and receive letters from our friends or customers instantly. For example, someone works in a big company and he needs to send important information, such as meeting time, to his customer, in this case, the email is very useful for everybody, and you can sand files to your friend instantly around worldwide, the email is so common nowadays between the people.
    Secondly ,international trade and banking issues, nowadays everybody we/people can utilize the internet to earn money by creating a new web site and by increasing the visitors number of his web site he takes commission for his reclaims and services . On the other hand, there are a lot of trading websites which enable the visitors to earn money. All bank systems use the internet for transferring money between banks branches. The internet makes the works easier and so much faster.

    Thirdly, we can get the latest news from the internet about everything around us, such as daily political, sport news - whenever we want and wherever we want. Since wireless transmission was invented we have been able to use internet practically everywhere. ..Moreover it enables us to have access to information about everything at any time, the internet provides us with all kind of news.

    In conclusion, I would like to sum up that the internet is one of the greatest and most important innovations which makes our life easier because of its several facilities, as email, international trade and banking issues, latest news which enriches all aspects of our life. Some of these services such as the e-trade, being a source of income and it makes.. great differences in improving our lives, the internet affects our way of life
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    good essay i hopy if some one had a little knowledge in english language to creact it i donnt know why many people had fear of writing an essay

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