Hello, I am a new memeber and I am very glad to find this website since there are several resources that will help me with my job. I am translating a description of a child and I would like a native to correct it. The text in the source language was not well written, so I did my best to edit and translate it at the same time. I'd really appreciate your suggestions.

He was born on August 16, 1993. At present he lives in an educational center which will help him improve and strengthen his attitude and behavior as he was influenced by bad companies and eventually drop out of school. However, he is getting better and helps other teenagers at the center. He also has more duties to do such as making bred or preparing meals.
He is taller than last year as the climate agrees with him. He changed the tone of his voice and he even has some a small moustache. He easily got used to this new place and wants to be a better person before getting back to his home. His mother visits him every last weekend of the month taking letters from his siblings.
Joel is in 9th grade; he is also learning agriculture. On vacation, he went to visit his family in Potosi. He had a good time and recommended his younger siblings to behave and not to make the mistakes he made. He promised them that he would change and return with them. All of his siblings encouraged him to go on and they are looking forward to his return at the end of this year.