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    Hello Teachers and students. I wanted to buy my wife a English and Chinese translator. I was wondering where do you go to buy one? I went to and search for it and I found this: Translate Chinese with Chinese pocket electronic language translators

    Its the first one: Ectaco- 900 series - EC900. I was wondering if this is the newest model. Can anyone help me? Thanks. My wife needs it for school by next Saturday. Her teacher requires it. I think this price is a little too much. What do yall think? Do yall have one? Let me know. Thanks. Sorry if I put this in the wrong section.

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    Re: translator

    I don't think I can help you with your problem but I have a few comments as follows. I will guess that your wife's teacher's native language is not Chinese. If that is not true then disregard the remaining comments. If that is true, then it is my opinion that requiring a student to buy a translator is a "cop out" (in this instance, the easy way out for the teacher). It has been my experience along with many other teachers to have a wide mix of languages represented in our classes and at most we would recommend purchase of a soft or hard cover, inexpensive paper dictionary (English to Native Language). And with a little effort on the part of the teacher using on-line translators it should be sufficient to support students of most languages except for those with unique dialects.

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