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    Question Looking for an expression

    In Turkish we use a football idiom "Dakika 1 gol 1". When translated into English word bu word it means "Minute 1 goal 1".

    I will try to explain in which context we use it. For example, you explain smt or tell the person how smt is/was and when the person does the opposite thing you explained as if s/he hasn't listened to you or you haven't explained it at all, you say "dakika 1 gol 1".

    I hope that was clear.

    Although I have tried to find a relevant use in English I couldn't find one. Will you please tell me what it is if there is one?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Looking for an expression

    I can't think of a neat idiom for that, but we say that people 'do the exact opposite' of what they're told.

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