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    Is the DELTA right for me?

    I am thinking of taking the Cambridge DELTA course, but I was wondering if it is suitable for my needs?
    Does anyone possess a DELTA? And could they give me some information about it, please.
    Currently, I am working in Indonesia and my only qualification is a TESOL certificate, so I would like to add a few more strings to my bow, so to speak.
    Will holding a DELTA improve my chances of getting a better job in the future?
    Any help on the subject would be fantastic, thanks.

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    Re: Is the DELTA right for me?

    Simply, yes. But if you haven't done a CELTA you may find it overly difficult. It is already a real bastard of a course. Great and very useful, but very difficult. Not so intellectually challenging, just a lot to process in a short time and a very heavy workload.
    You might even think about doing a CELTA first. I guess it depends on how rigourous your TESOL course was.
    Good luck.

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