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    Thumbs up Re: "The Refund"

    Hi, I just came across this thread when searching the net for the script of The Refund. This endeavor was re-triggered (i'd tried before) because I was hunting for a German name relating to water. The German word for Water is Wasser, and Wasserkopf is the main character in this play! So, in true stream of consciousness style, i searched the net for The Refund. I too enjoyed this play when in college.

    To my delight, I found the script! Here is the for all those who enjoy this play by Fritz Karinthy:

    Perspectives Blog Archive "The Refund" - Play by Fritz Karinthy

    This is three years later, however... Enjoy!

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    Smile Re: "The Refund"

    The author of "The Refund " is Fritz Karinthy.

    You can find the whole play on this site: -

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    Lightbulb Re: "The Refund"

    Please people, why don't you post the links the links that works properly on this forums. I got hold of this story a couple of weeks back in my college library. And the book I found it in, is in a very pitiable condition. Since I cant post the whole story here, I'll however post it in a blog within this week. (my exams get over on april 9th) Anyway, sorry to keep you all waiting....

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    Re: "The Refund"

    I'm needing a copy of 'The Refund' ...the links posted so far don't work. can anyone help me please?

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    Re: "The Refund"

    Hi Guys,
    I finally found this link -
    Hope you enjoy the great play!
    P. S. : I cannot post the link as per the norms of the forum as I haven't posted more than 10 posts as of yet. So you'll have to copy the link to your browser's address bar!

    -- Aditya Pratap V.

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