Thank you to those who will help me
and a special thks to Gil who seems to be the most active member correcting everyone's letter


Dear Madam, dear sir

The opportunity to work for "name of the organization", as a support to the grants and programmes teams is a compelling position that I would passionately undertake.

My ambition is to work as a program manager for international NGOs promoting child rights. In that perspective, I want to gain valuable experience in proposal and report writing.

I am particularly interested in securing new income from institutional donors as this implies the use of management tools (logical frame). Additionally, identifying and sustaining viable relations with other types of donors will appeal to my networking and negotiation skills, giving me new opportunities to enhance them.

My professional experience together with my scholastic achievements, demonstrates my strong motivation to pursue my career in international development. Furthermore, they guaranty high-quality analytical insight and the ability to communicate knowledgeably to various audiences about project, their progress and impact.

I have a sound background of volunteering for NGOs in diverse cultures that shows a real capacity to work in multicultural environments, adaptive skills as well as a curious and an open mind set.

Through this internship, I wish to be exposed to demanding work within a rigorous team that will get me ready to take on a regular position.

Thank you for considering my application,
Kind Regards,