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    Talking any rule to use noun as adjective

    Today i have a long in-my-mind question. A noun can be used as an adjective e.g. woman toilets, a flower shop. some words have its inflected form of noun making it adjective such as a colorful house, beautiful sunshine. in some case i doubt which word i should use noun or its inflected adjective such as education policy or educational policy, culture studies or cultural studies .

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    Re: any rule to use noun as adjective

    We do have adjectives womanly and flowery, which can be used to describe the appearance or characteristics of something. A flower shop doesn't have the appearance of flowers; it sells flowers, and a women's toilet is for women and like similar to them. A colourful house would be painted or made out of materials with lots of colours or bright ones, etc.
    With your example, I would use education policy for the policies that guide the education system. An educational policy could teach you about anything- it could be health, for instance.

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