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    I need u to edit my essay,plz ^_^

    One of the reasons is that many people believe if they skip the breakfast, they are going to lose weight and will keep them slim. For this reason, a new study shows that eating breakfast everyday is the key to let the body that is average 60- pound can lose weight and have kept it off for six years. The study in the Journal of Obesity Research was an ongoing look at successful maintainers of significant weight loss. Another study shows that the children who eat the breakfast, their body is perfect and active .In addition, when someone wakes up early and goes immediately to his work without having any single food, he will surely come back exhausted. So, he might eat a big meal with full of calories like hamburger or whatever in order to full his empty stomach .consequently, this example shows to a lot of studies how people become over weight.

    Another reason is that people now are focusing in their job badly and they become more carless about their health .They think that the breakfast is not important because they consider it as a small meal and it does not have any benefit .Also, some people believe that the breakfast is going to let them late for work. So, they just choose a cup of coffee to make them awake. For this reason, some people fail in their dreams because these stuffs require a strong health to go on and not to give up.

    that's all ^_^
    I will be grateful if u hlep me
    plz,cheek it
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    Re: I need u to edit my essay,plz ^_^

    The main reason for eating three meals every day is to keep the body and brain actively (active) enough(I would omit Enough if I were you). In fact, this makes people can spend (helps people to be able to spend) their day without any (much) tiredness. However, a lot of people now change (changed/have changed) in (if you want to use "in" it will be like "a lot of people brought change in their diet routine") their diet habit (diet routine now). Some become(became/ have become) eating just one meal or two(It should be either "one or two meals" or "a meal or two"(add "," before using "which") which are(included) lunch and dinner (add "only"). So, (I will take off "so" So, In spit of, sounds redundant) In spite of the importance of having a healthy breakfast, many people chose to skip it for some reasons.

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    Re: I need u to edit my essay,plz ^_^

    thank you

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