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    Need help on an essay

    I have been asked to write about the proper purpose of school and I came up with these ideas:

    1. raising obedient and disciplined individuals as to follow laws and rules in companies or society in general in the future
    2. raising living standards
    3. making a better world
    4. producing literate individuals
    5. teaching individuals to reflect and decide
    5. teaching ethics and values to make the world a safer place
    6. preparation for the future
    7. simply creating relationships among individuals
    8. merely as a way to make profits
    9. competing with other schools
    10. keeping children busy and watching over them as their parents work like in Hong Kong
    11. providing guidance on matters of justice and fairness
    12. teaching the importance of debate so individuals can defend themselves
    13. merely delivering the actions of the government as in provincials

    However, I don't seem to be able to develop these ideas fully and with concrete examples. Also, there will be many others doing the same topic as I am so how can i keep my essay interesting and different from others?

    Any suggestions?

    Sorry, I also have a question on this statement that I must take a position(agree, disagree, or modify) on:

    "While school appears to be a place for learning, instead, it indoctrinates us in the special interests of business"

    May I ask what does "special interests of business" mean?
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    Re: Need help on an essay

    Thank you for your advice and I see some connections between the ideas in my list now.

    Also, can you tell me what it means by "special interests of businesses"?

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