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  1. 9star

    Question how to improve my pronunciation

    May you please help me to improve my ability in pronouncing words. Is there any hint in pronouncing the word(s) correctly? English language is not my first language and aside from my native language, i was deprived for 4 years to speak in English and spoke in cantonese instead which is not my native language. Now that i am here in English native speakers i am mixing up my words and pronunciation, i can't barely speak fluently in English it's because whenever i am trying to speak up, my mind is rambling and babbling with words that is in Filipino language , cantonese and two dialects that i know from my country, and to add it more i am now being force to study french language because it's the first language here, but first i need to improve my pronunciation.I'll greatly appreciate your help. Have a great day you all!

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    Re: how to improve my pronunciation

    Repeat what you heard and be a diligent copycat.

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    Re: how to improve my pronunciation

    It nothing helps, I hope you have sweet dreams as one of the moderators said everyone spoke perfectly in their dreams.

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    Re: how to improve my pronunciation

    Do not struggle too hard. Take it easy. Listen to English, pick radio shows, books on tape. Let your ears get used to the flow again.

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    Talking Re: how to improve my pronunciation

    For me, pronunciation is one of the most important things in learning English. I really want to be able to speak just like a native speaker. I know it is hard, but it is possible to be like a native speaker. I always tried to imitate English sounds by repeating after listening to a tape which was concerned in pronunciation. Also I have learned pronunciation by communicating with other people who are native speakers. I don't know why I was so interested in learning English, but I was so eager to speak another language than Arabic. Also, I love how English sounds, so my passion in learning English played a key role in learning it. Pronunciation is like singing. Imaging a person who sings, but one cannot listen to that person with pleasure, he or she is losing rhythm. Sometimes, sounding more like a wolf than a human being, could be considered as singing but out of tune.

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    Re: how to improve my pronunciation

    Would you consider English as a beautiful language?

  2. 9star

    Re: how to improve my pronunciation

    Thank you blacknomi,twostep and Arbitrator for sharing it to me your ideas on how to solve my problem, i really appreciate your suggestions and your encouragements.

    To blacknomi, yes i indeed consider English as a beautiful language, aside from knowing the fact that it is the language of the world. and if i am not asking too much would you mind to share some ideas or website where in i can use as a tool to improve my little knowledge in English? I'll appreciate your help! Thanks in advance.

    Arbitrator, Thanks again for the bright ideas you shared to me.

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    Re: how to improve my pronunciation

    Hi, nine star!

    Are you in UN? I'm sorry to hear that you mix up all the spice! Give me a high five! I mix everything up in French course as well but I'm having great fun in UN. It could be manipulative code-switching;it could be downgraded.

    Honestly, there's too much to share.

    You cannot merely focus on pronunciation or vocabulary or idioms or grammar or pragmatics or ins and outs of linguictic logic. For pronunciation, what twostep said, listen and repeat. Get a patient teacher!

  3. Steven D's Avatar

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    Re: how to improve my pronunciation

    Quote Originally Posted by 9star
    Is there any hint in pronouncing the word(s) correctly?

    The intonation in nouns that are two syllable often falls. The preposition/adverb, or particle, of a phrasal verb is usually accented somewhat. It receives stress - sentence stress that is.

    I_asked them_to_look_it up_in_the_index.

    Repeat the syllables that are darkened at an even pace. Do this slowly at an even and consistent tempo. After you've done that, add in the rest of the syllables. Tap your fingers on a table, desk or a book each time you say the syllables that are darkened. These syllables receive sentence stress. It should take you just as long to say the darkened syllables as it does to say the entire sentence. Make sure that your intonation falls at the end of the last word. Link the sounds together as well. Be sure to produce strong vowel sounds in the syllable that is stressed in the content words.

    If someone is speaking very fast, there's a good chance that the "th" will be dropped in the word "them". The vowel sound in the word "to" is almost always dropped in the word - syllable - to.

    Well, there's more to say about this. If you listen to people and imitate them, as has been suggested already, it will be very helpful. This, however, is some of what's taking place in English pronunciation.

    When English is spoken very fast, people sometimes, or often, use reduced forms. I'm talking about how many people really speak English, not "textbook style" pronunciation.


    Try it like this too. The time stress pattern is sometimes different. It depends on how the speaker wants to say it.

    I_asked them_to_look_it up_in_the_index.

    There's normal unmarked sentence stress, and then there is marked sentence stress. People place stress on words that they think are important. This contributes to clarity and overall intelligibility.

    May you please help me to improve my ability in pronouncing words. Is there any hint in pronouncing the word(s) correctly?
    There are some generalities we can point to. However, predicting how to pronounce a specific word in English based on a set of rules or generalities is not exactly the easiest thing to do. One generality is that in compound nouns that have two syllables, the first syllable is stronger, and the second syllable usually has falling intonation.

    In words that end in "ity", the syllable that comes before "ity" is stressed. The same thing is true for words that end in "tion".

    generality association - Here's a compound noun "comeback".

    Generally speaking, I think there is more to be gained from focusing on sentence stress and intonation patterns than on individual sounds, syllables, and words.

    I think you should try to find a teacher that understands what I've posted here. In my opinion, that's the teacher you want. Of course, I don't know what you sound like. It could be that you would benefit from focusing on individual sounds, syllables, and words as well. Each person is different.
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  4. Mack

    Re: how to improve my pronunciation

    Don't be afraid to ask how to pronounce an English word.

    English's accented syllables and pronunciation are really inconsistant, so when you learn a new word, you almost have to learn the pronunciation by hearing it.

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