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    Post TEFL certification in a Short Amount of Time

    I am relocating to China in 4-6 months and am looking at obtaining a TEFL qualification. Where can I obtain a well recognized TEFL qualification in 4-6 months on a tight budget which will allow me to get a job once I move. Certification at local universities run more than a year and are costly (seemed to be geared towards masters degrees).

    All information and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much, Englishman.

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    Re: TEFL certification in a Short Amount of Time

    The cheapest certificates tend to be online (e.g. with varying degrees of reputation. They often allow you to take and complete the course in your own time so if you put the time in, you can complete it in a few weeks or less.

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    Re: TEFL certification in a Short Amount of Time

    Also, beware of false economies- it's fairly easy to get a piece of paper, and this will find you work, but a more expensive course may get you a better-paying job and pay for itself in a very short time. You don't need a master's or similar length course to start, but a solid widely recognised course will open more doors. And, as Pete, says, there are varying degrees of reputation, so do check any online course carefully, especially the recognition/accreditation.

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