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    Would you check the sentences below?

    1. I go to piano class and English class.
    2. English class starts at 4:00 and finishes at 4:50.
    3. I studied " EXPRESS 1 " last semester and now I study "EXPRESS 2".
    4. I'm wiring an English diary using an English dictionary.

    Thank you :)

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    Re: correct

    1. I go to piano and English classes.

    2. I'd say ends at 4:50. The verb finishes is usually transitive, that is you finish something

    3. I am studying ...

    4. You misspelled writing but I think that was unintentional. The word English can refer to the language or the country. An Englishbook can be one printed in England (in any language), one printed in English (from any country), or one intended to teach English (regardless of where it was printed or what language it was printeed in. How about: I'm writing a diary in English...

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    Re: correct

    Thank you :D big bow (- -) (_ _)

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