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    Smile difficult sentence

    dear in theses sentences
    I'll fill you in with as much
    as I know when you get here.
    what is the meaning as much
    00:26:48,616 --> 00:26:51,951
    I'm sending a car
    over to your hotel.
    what is the meaning of over to your hotel
    Yeah. I read it
    on the way over.

    I know he was devastated
    over Michelle, but...
    what is the meaning of over michelle
    All teams, bring your
    units up from the south
    what is the meaning of bring and bring up

    thank you

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    Re: difficult sentence

    Over to your hotel = to your hotel. 'Over' doesn't really mean much here, but it could imply that the hotel is quite a long way from where the person is.
    On the way over - on the way (journey) to that place

    It's 'devastated over'- this means that she has ended their relationship, or she could have fallen ill or even died- something very upsetting has happened involving her.

    bring up- get them to go from the south to that place

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