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Thread: Metaphors..??

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    Red face Metaphors..??

    I'm doing a analyzis on a song "Sort Of" by Silversun Pickups for my english class, and I'm having a hard time with understanding the text. Can someone help me with this?

    "When there's fire on the ground
    should it turn my whole world around
    when a wheel's in the lake
    should I think it's a big mistake"

    And what does "shades are summoned and crushed" mean??


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    Re: Metaphors..??

    I think the general idea is asking whether one bad or unfortunate thing is enough to affect the person's whole life. If one wheel is in the lake, the car still has three on the road.

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    Re: Metaphors..??

    Reading this lyric ("When the shades are summoned and crushed"), it is not an idiom or slang or commonly used phrase in English - it is poetry. To me, in the context of the verse, it means that the person being sung about (the subject) tries to control the singer and, in the process, minimilizes the subtleties and nuances of the singer's feelings and life. That is my reading of the verse, but I think poetry and song lyrics should be particular to each audience.

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