True Love
Love is the most important aspect in any human being life. it is the only things that cannot be bought by all amounts of money. Some people live their whole life looking for a " true love" some of them maybe lucky and find it. And others live all of their life and have never found a lot of time to find a true love. Others get tired of waiting and get married without love. Love had been remained the same during the human history. The true love exists but it needs more efforts to find it .
Over time the definition of love has been debated and discussed over, but in most cases the answer is very similar. "True love is like two rivers that meet and merge, combine completely into one, then flowing on together. True love cannot hiding; "true love does exist but unfortunately is not found by all. The poor class in any community was the luckiest ,because they had a chance to search about the person who they want to marry as example it wasn't important if a merchants' son married a farmers' daughter.
The true love never aims to lets the person settling down in the house and having children The true meaning of love will remain unsolved forever. But the true love is so difficult to find it, there were many difference definitions for the true love through the history decades, the human being in this modern country seek to finds his anther lovely side , it is so difficult to find it in this industrial era where the money became the most important thing than the true love . for my everything nowadays needs more efforts and many tries to gain in the country where the people turned to just a figures in the papers .