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Some people think we should demolish old buildings to give way to mordern ones while others claim it is a rash decision. Discuss about it.

With a rapid development in every aspects of economic and social life, it certainly leads to the need for new infrastructure and super-structure. In order to accomplish actions torward these purposes, many people suggest ideas of constructing new modern buildings parallel to demolishing old ones. However, many others are in an opposite stand to say that idea is nothing short of a rash action. Each of these advocates have their own merits.

First of all, it is indeed reasonable with a suggestion of demolishing old buildings to pave the way for modern ones. From the point of art view, a new city needed to be equipped with beautiful clothes to deserve its development. It is an indispensable criterion to evaluate the quality of a city, modern infrastructure including new buildings, roads, stores etc before taking a deep view on other sides. Secondly, owing a modern foundation would absolutely enhance and facilitate the efficiency of economic and political systems and attract more and more partners to co-operate with the local government and the face of the city would change as a clear consequence. One typical city in Vietnam could be cited when putting it into example is the capital – Hanoi. With the born of Hanoi Tower, the number of offices accommodated inside increases with modern facilities i.e it can save places when concentrating the offices, moreover, many partners would like to choose this as a head-quarter, this can earn deep respect of customer at least the first look.

However, other people of concern may oppose this idea when regarding it as a rash decision; this is plausible owing to the fact that, removing old buildings firstly would result in a waste of money needed for these ones in the past. Evidently, a vast budget could be invested and now they are being thrown out of window, so advocates of remaining old buildings may wonder if this is an appropriate decision or not. What happen if now we demolish the Eiffel tower in Paris and build a more modern one instead? Secondly, standing in the cultural and historical view-point, each old building would retain a sense of tradition, probably, if it is removed, this has the same meaning that we are destroying a heritage, whole the world know the historical value of Eiffel tower, without a doubt.

Deciding whether or not we should replace old building by new one is really a big question and need to be taken into account with a deep care, a couple of aspects should be considered: economy, politic, culture, etc. And more importantly, this tough decision also strongly depends on the particular conditions of areas where it is taking place. The local government and its citizens should seat together to arrive at a pertinent choice..