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    Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

    Hey dud, plz fill the blanks ,i shall be very thanks full to you for this act.

    1.He will not come _____ you invite him.
    2.We ____ up at about seven in the morning.
    3.He closely ____ his father.
    4.I have never ____ to America.
    5.Salman left _____ Islamabad yesterday.
    6.I go to college ____ my brother.
    7.The book ____ the drawer is torn.
    8._____ are you going to Lahore?
    9.Write _____ your name and address carefully.
    10.i can not _____ to your proposal.
    11.I was provoked ____ his remarks.
    12.When I sit _____ a tall boy.I can not see the teacher.
    13.i have nothing to eat my porridge ______.
    14.He was released _____ prison.
    15.The thief was accused _____ stealing the car.
    16.He was leaving _____ Peshawar.
    17.she is blind ____one eye.
    18.he comes _____ a noble family.
    19.There is a bridge _____ the river.
    20.The three brothers kept quarelling _____ themselves.
    21.he wrote ____ the blackboard.
    22.last year we left _____August.
    23.He rejoiced ____his own success.
    24.this is ____ table I bought yesterday.
    25.The tourist hailed ____ England.
    26.the sailors were asked to report on board ____ 2 O'clock.
    27.Have you ever ____ cross to Lahore.
    28.What _____ you do last night?
    29.One should perform _____ duty.
    30.He was looking ____ his books.
    31.Is he junior ____ you?
    32.I go to college ____ my brother.
    33.she was _____ lecture in the hall.
    34.there will be a competition ____ Ali and salman.
    35.i will do it ____.
    36.have you ever ____ to Lahore.
    37.He will stand _____ you in every matter.
    38.Smoking will tell ____ your health.
    39.Hardwork is the key ____ success.
    40.He met me _____ the morning.
    41.He lives _____ Lahore.
    42.His father died _____ cancer.
    43.I apologies ____ you for what I did?
    44.What are you laughing _____?
    45.this coat is different in size and color _____ the one you are wearing.
    46.Ali dies ____ a fall. ought to be ashamed _____ your behaviour.
    48.he is indifferent _____ his own interest.
    49.His views do not accord _____ mine.
    50.contentment is essential ______ happiness.
    51.I often find him absorbed _____ thoughts.
    52.Be just _____ fear not.
    53.Live well ____ you may die well.
    54.Do not disturb me, I _____ my home work.
    55.are you blind ____ your own interest?
    56.He is inferior _____ his master.
    57.Virtue _____ its own rewards.
    58.I brought ____ horse, _____ ox, and ____ buffalo.
    59.she is scared ____ darkeness.
    60.Do you believe _____ witches.

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    Re: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words


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