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    give some examples

    give ne some examples which includes ELUSIVE and ASTRAY words.

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    Re: give some examples

    Quote Originally Posted by saket.mahesh88 View Post
    Please give ne me some examples which includes of sentences using ELUSIVE and ASTRAY words.
    I've been looking for the perfect job for 20 years, but it is proving to be elusive.
    The Borneo ringtailed bobcat hides under piles of leaves. Naturalists regularly search for these elusive animals but rarely find them.
    Police are trying to track down the owner of a business which suddenly closed on Saturday, leaving thousands of people owed money. Mr Smith has so far proved elusive.

    The walk should only have taken an hour but the group was led astray by the very old map they were using.
    My cousin used to be very well-behaved but he has been led astray by other children at school.

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    Re: give some examples

    According to cambridge dictionary:
    Elusive => difficult to describe, find, achieve or remember. Eg Elusive memories

    Astray => away from the correct path or correct way of doing something. Eg 'The letter must have gone astray in the post'

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