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    something gotta give

    What is the meaning of "something gotta give"?

    "A girl was saying that she fed up her mother being authoritative with her, and that the mother doesn't like her clothing style. So her mother says:
    "Something gotta give, baby"

    I don't know if I can provide more context.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: something gotta give

    Not a teacher.

    It's "Something has got to give." Or in informal talk "Something's gotta give."

    Meaning that you have opposing forces at work, pushing against each other.

    The situation is not stable. One of the two forces that is pushing is going to overwhelm the other. Someone will win.

    In your situation, either the mother relents and realizes she can't control the daughter. Or the daughter moves out and does what she wants with her new freedom.

    The situation can not continue. Something's gotta give.

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