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    Letter of motivation ..plz review

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am writing to apply for the MBA in XYZ.

    With five years of work experience in two if the world's best companies, I acquired a lot of hands on experience about the way an organisation functions to maintain its standard and strives for betterment. Along with this knowledge, a formal Masters degree from an esteemed international Institution like yours will be able to give me a good grounding on the latest theories of management combined with strong real world experience. XYZ Institute with its diverse strata of teachers and students, excellent core courses and international environment will help me achieve my full potential in terms of understanding the various aspects of management in a global perspective and interacting with people from various countries and collaborating with them would be a very enriching experience. After completing the Master's Programme, I plan to continue my education and obtain a Ph.D. in Management. My objective is to pursue research in the field of management; investigate issues concerned with bridging the gap between corporate interests and philanthropic pursuits. Another of my goals is to launch an NGO to provide better education opportunities to the children of the developing countries by collaborating with developed parts of the globe like Europe using internet technology with efficient management practices.

    During my professional life I have worked on various projects in leadership roles. After finishing my bachelors in Science I started out to work with ABC, a premier bank with their internet fraudunit . As MasterCard specialist I was involved in training and providing guidance to the team on critical issues which honed my skills as an effective mentor and taught me to be more tactful in taking decisions.

    A year later, I joined the Search Quality department of MNO. As a company with very high regard for ethic and team work along with a very high core job standards, MNO a perfect place for tremendous growth both at personal and professional levels. My role as the Team lead for the internal quality team and well as lead for various other short term projects helped me develop my management, decision making and diplomatic skills. I have developed a strong analytical and creative business mind and the spirit of teamwork being here. I learnt to be more patient, assertive and a quick learner. Leadership is about encouraging and enhancing progress of your subordinates and this job taught me implement that in the best possible way. In 2006, I got the opportunity to work at Dublin, MNO's European headquarters and working in a global environment was a great learning experience. Sharing of best practices and understanding the management styles of an International office was a very enriching experience.

    At this point in my career I want to polish my management skills, and fill up all the inadequacies in my management technique to come out as the best manager that I can be and a Business School like XYZ will give me the opportunity to do that.

    During my time with MNO I had the opportunity to understand the huge potential of Internet to influence the world. Internet has revolutionised the worled with live in with freely available information. I am very interested in the way internet can develop the education systems in developing nations. My long term goal is to start an NGO which will facilitate better education opportunities in these countries by collaborating with developed countries. I worked with orphanages in India and in Latin America teaching underprivileged kids. Due to lack of funds and infrastructure these children sometimes do not get the best possible education which hinders the growth of the society as a whole. Internet can provide an efficient solution to issues of this nature.

    Firstly Internet can help in raising awareness to facilitate better resources to NGOs working for the cause. Internet has been widely used for raising millions of dollars after earthquakes, Tsunamis and many more humanitarian causes. Similar initiatives can be launched to raise funds for improving education in these under privileged sectors of the world. Secondly, Internet can be used to improve the quality of information reaching every part of the world. We can get educators of repute, along with subject matter experts to set up a portal of quality educational content, across all disciplines and grades, sourcing content and links from, and not limited to Wikipedia, MIT ,Yale, and the Educational Channel on Youtube etc. Initiatives like OLPC ( one laptop per child) which provides low prices computing devices with internet facility can provide the required infrastructure for it. This concept of knowledge without borders will enable every child in every corner of the word to access the best quality education. This global initiative can be constituted from a concrete platform, controlled by a dynamic set of people from wide range of backgrounds spread all across the world. The goal of my NGO will be to combine relevant internet technologies with efficient management practices to develop an efficient strategy for facilitating quality education.

    I am confident that the MBA Program at XYZ will provide me the knowledge, confidence, and powerful network for partnerships to realize my goals.

    Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

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    Re: Letter of motivation ..plz review

    Thanks Gillnetter.. I appreciate your suggestions. I am making the mentioned changes. I have a question: Is the flow of the essay okay? or am i switching topics abruptly?

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