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    Multiple negations

    What is meant by a coach who says after a game: I don't think that you can single out Smith as [not a guy] who [is not part of the disappointment]?

    Does he blame Smith for the defeat or not? Is it so that the coach admits that Smith is not entirely blameless and that he did have his share in the defeat, but at the same time suggests that Smith is not necessarily the only one to blame?

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    Re: Multiple negations

    Not a teacher.

    Coach-speak can be its own dialect, and those who cover the team (journalists) are best at interpreting the coach.

    That said, I think he is saying that Smith shares a portion of the blame, but you can't lay the whole blame on him.

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    Re: Multiple negations

    It's a pretty impenetrable comment, but it could be that Smith played better than the others, but that doesn't mean that he is not completely blameless.

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