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    Can anyone help me understand green sentence
    Here is the text I have ( I don't have the whole text) :

    " Blackwood's was dedictated to mischief and anonymity was a precondition....When Walter Scott complained to him about the notorious October 1817 issue of the magazine, Blackwood typically replied, "The Editor took his own way, and I cannot interfere with him."...In his periodical, the disguising of identity of its writers becme a game in which the clubbishness of initial of his intial contributors was mischievously acted out. Some pseudonyms became well know, particularly those of Jhon Wilson ('Christopher North') and James Hogg ('the Ettrick Shepered')."

    Here is what I understood: that some editors were publishing reviews in a magazine anonymously in Blackwood's magazine,but people were trying to guess who those editors were. What about the green sentence?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: clubbishness

    Are you sure that's correct- it doesn't make much sense to me, but I presume it means that there was a small group, a bit like a gang/club, who hid behind their anonymity to make their attacks or criticisms.

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