To start, Germany was unfairly blamed for the war by the allies. I believe that the allies blamed Germany for World War I for the following reasons. First, Germany declared war on all of the other counties. Also, the Allies thought it was necessary to weaken Germany. I think that Germany should not have been fully blamed for World War I.
Germany declared war on all the countries when World War I began, which was unnecessary. Germany was feeling proud of their new emperor military power and industrial leadership. They thought they could conquer everyone. Germany made several rivals by declaring war on so many countries. Germany caused a lot of damage to other places.

The allies wanted to weaken Germany. Germany was struggling enough. The 30 Billion dollars in reparations would just make them even weaker. They also had to sign a treaty that forces them to take full responsibility. This made them more depressed.

My opinion is that Germany should have not been blamed completely for World War I. Germany was not the primary source of the war. Siberia started the war by assassinating Francis Ferdinand, the Arch Duke of Austria Hungary. If Siberia hadn’t started the war, Germany wouldn’t have had to get involved in anything. This proves that World War I was not Germany’s fault. Therefore, they shouldn’t have been forced to take the blame.

In conclusion, I believe that Germany was not the cause of World War I. They should not have been blamed. Once again for why Germany was put to blame was that they declared war on all of the other countries. The other reason is that the allies wanted to weaken Germany.