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Protecting the environment

I think that lots of people would like to spend their free time somewhere when they can run away from everyday life, like mountains, forests, lakes and so on. Fresh air and wild nature for sure help to be calmed and relaxed. That is why we should protect our environment from pollution and learn what we can do to achieve this. We have to take care for environment by ourselves because no one do this for us. Very easily way to care of nature is segregation of rubbish. Nowadays are more and more recycling bins for paper, glass and plastic. Some countries have well developed recycling system and for example in shops are machines which give some money for bottles. Moreover a very good idea is to use sun, water and wind power to make electricity. It is helpful for the environment and we can also save some money. We have to be aware how important is to protect our environment. Sometimes little effort can help with it.

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