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    what/the thing/something

    I wonder if there is any difference in the meaning among three sentences.
    1. Swimming is what I love most.
    2. Swimming is the thing I ㅣlove most.
    3. Swimming is something I love most.

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    Re: what/the thing/something

    The first two convey the same meaning and are in common use. The second is slightly classier.

    The third is illogical as the use of 'something' implies one of a range of activities, of which swimming is only one, all of which you love most. 'Most' is a superlative and can only apply to one thing in this context.
    You could say 'Swimming is something that I love more than anything else.'

    You could also say 'Swimming is what / the thing I love the most.' That would be grammatically correct.

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