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    I need your help in writing a letter expresses all my thanks to my instructor,I want it to be rich with literary values,I want to know what do you suggest especially this is the last term.

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    Re: crucial

    Letters don't usually have great literary value, so writing in a highly literary style might look artificial. If you want to thank your teacher for your success in language, then I'd advise you to show how good a natural letter you can write. The way I'd try to show the literary component would be through a few discreet allusions to texts that you have covered.

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    Re: crucial


    I always admire your response,I have no doubt that you are true but my instructor is fond of literary style even in oral situations.this is not unsual for a person who spent most of his life in studying literture.SIR TDOL if you were me what would you say.



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