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    asking for aid

    good afternoon every body , i want to get some aid about my case i do love English and i want to speak it as a native speaker ,i am in my 3rd year studing English language but sometimes i face some obstacles , How will i deal ? thank you so much.

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    Re: asking for aid

    Quote Originally Posted by manou.glamour View Post
    Good afternoon every body everybody. I want to get some aid help! about my case I do love English and I want to speak it as like a native speaker. I am in my 3rd year studying English language but sometimes I face some obstacles. How will can I deal overcome them? Thank you so much.
    Congratulations on persevering with your studies! Speaking English like a native is a good goal, but I think we would all agree that it is a difficult goal to achieve without living in an English-speaking country for some time.

    Can you be more specific about the obstacles that you have come up against? It's difficult to give advice about such a wide subject.

    Also, please see the amendments I have made to your original post. Remember that "I" is always capitalised, and we don't put a space before a comma or a full stop (but always a space afterwards).
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