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    Unhappy How to teach spoken English?

    I'm a second years English honours student and I've taken up a summer job of teaching spoken english at an institute. I have a month at my disposal and I really want to make a difference but i'm not sure how to go about it.
    My batch is comprised of 15 students(Aged: 9 to 19), basically from Hindi medium background. They understand basic english words but have serious problems with forming sentences. Also, they aren't exactly very interactive, so i spend half my time getting them to speak in class.
    I've asked them to "befriend a dictionary" and read a news piece everyday, make a list of words they did not understand and look up their meaning in the dictionary. Also, I've asked them to listen to news in English for half an hour everyday. I'm not sure if this would suffice.
    I'd like suggestions about activities that i can do with them. Also, what aspects of grammar/teaching do i stress on?!! How do i make them start thinking in English? Any other tips are more than welcome too.

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    Re: How to teach spoken English?

    Are they happy to speak with basic word/phrases? If so, you could focus on that rather than worrying about sentence level to start with. Spoken English is often fragmentary, so focusing on communication rather than accuracy may be less inhibiting for them

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    Re: How to teach spoken English?

    They want to be able to speak fluent english i think. Why else would they pay a bomb to sit in that class.

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