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    exceptions in english rules

    i'm supposed to be a teacher of english but i didn't experience this yet,so i would like to enrich my infor about the english lg before i procede to teach.
    i wonder to know why the english lg differs from the other lgs (arabic at least) in terms of its rules,why its rule are not adjusted ,u always encounter exceptions in its rules ,whether about grammar,vocadulary,lexic,morphology and prononciation ,,,and so on,
    i want anybody to correct me if i'm wrong.
    thnk u .

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    Re: exceptions in english rules

    English is not a pure language- it developed from a mixture of languages over time. England was invaded by the Saxons and Vikings, who brought their languages, then the Normans came, bringing French and Latin, and these languages all merged to create English, so some rules come from the different languages, which means that there are a lot of exceptions.

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