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    Smile give

    With all of his planning, Mark had actually gotten through an entire week without seeing Andy Mitchell. But the stress was crushing him. His schoolwork was going south, too. Something was going to have to give soon.
    On Saturday it did. Mark's parents had both left for the day and he was looking forward to a long morning of cartoons. It was a guilt ritual he was sure most of the kids at school still practiced, but would never admit to.
    What's the meaning of "give" in the sentence above?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: give

    to yield somewhat, as to influence or force; compromise: We can't negotiate until each side is willing to give on some points.

    to yield somewhat when subjected to weight, force, pressure, etc.: A horsehair mattress doesn't give much.

    to collapse; break down; fall apart; fail: The antique chair gave when I sat on it.

    In your example Mark is experiencing stress and pressure and I would expect that his emotional or psychological state will be what breaks down, falls apart or "gives way".

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