i have to answer some review questions about the catcher in the rye for school but im having a hard time understanding the book since i only been in the country or a year can someone please help me??
here is the questions i only need short answers, thank you

The Catcher in the Rye
by J.D. Salinger
Study Questions
Chapters 1-3
What did Holden’s brother do in Hollywood? How did Holden feel about his brother’s work?

Why was Holden leaving Pencey?

What evidence showed that Holden came from a wealthy family?

Why did Holden go to see Mr. Spencer? How did Mr. Spencer feel about Holden’s expulsion?

What evidence showed that Holden was not really “illiterate”?

Who were some of Holden’s favorite authors? What criteria did he use to assess those authors?

Why do you think Holden said that his souvenir hat was for people-shooting?

Do you think Holden’s criticisms of his school were justified?

This story is told from Holden’s point of view. How does this point of view affect your perception of the other characters in the story?

What did the ducks in Central Park symbolize for Holden? Why did the ducks come to mind as Holden spoke to Mr. Spencer?

Chapters 4-8
Why did Holden call Stadlater a “secret slob”?

How did Holden feel about Stradlater’s date with Jane Gallagher? Why did he feel that way?

What subject did Holden finally write about when he prepared Stradlater’s descriptive composition? Why did he choose that subject?

Why did Holden have a fight with Stradlater? What was the outcome of that fight?

Why was Holden offended by Ackley’s lack of consideration?

Why did Holden decide to leave Pencey immediately instead of waiting until Wednesday?

How did Holden deceive Mrs. Morrow, the woman who he met on the train? Why do you think he did this?

Why do you think Holden reacted in a violent way when his brother Allie died? Do you think his reaction was justified?

What do you think might happen to Holden now that he has left Pencey?

What do you think the red hunting hat symbolizes?
Chapters 9-12 Holden’s adventures in New York City

What events in Chapter Nine revealed Holden’s desperate need for companionship?

Briefly describe Phoebe as seen through Holden’s eyes.

Who was Bernice? Where did Holden meet her? What did Holden admire most about her? What did he dislike about her?

How had Holden met Jane Gallagher? Why do you think he thought of Jane again at this time?

In describing Holden’s relationship with Jane, what information did the author give about their parents? Why do you think he included that information?

How did Holden reveal that he was an innocent and sensitive adolescent who was overwhelmed by the harsh realities of the world even when he tried to act sophisticated and worldly?

How did Holden reveal that he was an innocent and sensitive adolescent who was overwhelmed by the harsh realities of the world even when he tried to act sophisticated and worldly?

How did the cab driver respond when Holden asked him about the ducks in Central Park?

What did Holden’s concern for the ducks in Central Park reveal about him? In what other ways did he demonstrate this characteristic?

How would you describe Lillian Simmons? In what way did she represent all that Holden hated about society?
Chapters 13-15

Describe the incident between Holden and the prostitute. Why do you think Holden, a self-admitted coward, stood up to Maurice? How do you think Holden felt about the incident?

Do you think Holden is serious about committing suicide?

In what way might the events in Chapter Fourteen be a turning point for Holden?

What do you think Holden will do next?

What did Holden’s description of his father reveal about the nature of their relationship?

How did Holden’s suitcase story illustrate his knowledge of the evils of material wealth?

Why did Holden give the two nuns a ten-dollar contribution?

Who was Holden’s favorite character in Romeo and Juliet? Why do you think that character was his favorite?

Chapters 16-18

What did Holden find attractive about the family he followed down the street? What song was the child in that family singing? How did Holden react to the boy and the song?

Which scene in Hamlet did Holden like best? Why do you think he liked it?

What romantic adventure did Holden propose to Sally? What was Holden’s reaction to Sally after they fought?

What were Holden’s feelings about war?

Why do you think Holden continued to put off talking to Jane? What does this reveal about his emotional state?

What is the significance of the Museum of Natural History? What does the museum stand for? How had being in the museum in the past affected Holden? Why did it affect him in that way? Why wouldn’t Holden enter the museum when he finally got to it?
Chapters 19-21

How did Holden’s fantasy of having a “bullet in his guts” reflect his current state of mind?

Why did Holden finally decide to see Phoebe after walking around the lagoon in Central Park?

How did Holden’s mood change when he saw Phoebe’s sleeping? How did Phoebe respond when Holden woke her? Why washer response important to him?

What do you think Luce’s suggestion that Holden receive psychoanalysis foreshadows?

Chapters 22-24
Why do you think Holden was able to unburden himself to Phoebe? What common themes do you find in all his criticisms?

Who was James Castle? Why was he important to Holden?

What do you think is the significance of Holden’s interpretation of “the catcher in the rye”?

Why did Holden cry when Phoebe offered him he Christmas money?

Why did Holden go to Mr. Antolini’s home? What evidence showed that there was a lack of communication between Mr. Antolini and his wife?

On page 188, Mr. Antolini gives Holden the quote from the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Stekel that stated, “The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.” Explain how Holden, an adolescent in the “process of maturing,” fits both the description of the immature and the mature man.

What did Holden mean when he said that Mr. Vinson had intelligence but not much brains?

Why was Mr. Antolini’s statement that Holden was “riding for a terrible fall” particularly appropriate?

Why did Holden flee from Mr. Antolini’s home?

Chapters 25-26
What signs indicated Holden’s impending breakdown?

Holden’s plan to go home on Wednesday has changed. What does he plan to do?

What personality trait does Holden display when he talks with the children in the park about mummies? Explain

Why did Phoebe get angry with Holden?

What changes Holden’s plans by the end of Chapter 25?

When did Holden experience his one moment of pure happiness and freedom? How did that moment relate to Holden’s interpretation of the “catcher in the rye” during the carousel scene?

Why do you think Holden was sorry he told everyone about his experiences?

What do you think will happen to Holden when he leaves the sanitarium/hospital?