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    could someone please edit. I'm horrible with writing

    Miss Caroline Does Not Fit the Definition of a Teacher

    Over the years, what is expected of a teacher has drastically changed. Education of the teacher has been the largest change, along with appearance, morals, and religion. One thing that has remained the same is to never hold someone back from learning. Despite Miss Caroline’s education, she does not fit the definition of a teach during the nineteen thirties, because of her appearance, discouraging attitude, and lack of knowledge about the demographics of Maycomb Alabama.
    The appearance of the women, of the nineteen thirties, was a more conservative one than people are use to seeing in current times. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout describes Miss Caroline’s appearance on the first day of school. Scout explains Miss Caroline has bright auburn hair, pink cheeks, crimson red fingernails, high-heeled pumps, and a red and white striped dress. This does not sound bad to people of today, but in the nineteen thirties, this is a bit risque. Scout says "...when Miss Maudie introduced us to her, Jem was in a haze for days (p18). A more conservative woman would not have gotten this reaction from a young boy. During a confrontation in class, Burris Ewell said to Miss Caroline " Ain’t no snot-nosed slut of a schoolteacher..."(p31). It is obvious that the children are not use to seeing a woman of her appearance.
    On the first day of school Miss Caroline wrote the alphabet on the blackboard. She called on Scout to read the alphabet. After Scout was able to read the alphabet, Miss Caroline had her read My First Reader and the stock-market quotations from The Mobile Register. After discovering Scout was literate, Miss Caroline gave her a look of complete disgust. Miss Caroline told Scout "Now you tell your father not to teach you any more. It’s best to begin reading with a fresh mind. You tell him I’ll take over from here and try to undo the damage-"(p19). Miss Caroline upset Scout so badly that she did not want to return to school. A teacher should never hold someone back from learning. A teacher should guide their student to the proper way of learning, to help further advance their learning skill and abilities. They should encourage their
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    students to learn, while guiding them in the right direction.
    The Great Depression was very hard of the people of Maycomb County. Many families in Maycomb made their living from farming cotton. During The Great Depression the cotton price went down drastically, putting many of Maycomb’s families out of work. Do to this there was no money for dinner, let alone for school lunches, weather it was packed or purchased at the local dinner. During this time period families lived with little water due to the drought. Due to low water families where unable to bath regularly, causing body and head lice, also refereed to as cooties in the nineteen thirties. Walter Cunningham had brought no lunch to class on the first day of school. His family was greatly effected by the depression. The Cunningham family never took anything they could not pay back. Miss Caroline, being from a part of Alabama not effected as greatly as Maycomb, tried to give Walter a quarter to buy lunch in town. Walter would not take the money because he knew her would not be able to pay Miss Caroline back. Miss Caroline was frustrated with him for this. During the first day of school Burris Ewell came to class filthy and infested with lice. When Miss Caroline saw one crawl from his hair she screamed and startled the children, pointing out Burris to the class. It was obvious that Miss Caroline was not prepared for the different types of children and families she was dealing with. She should have researched the area to have a better idea and understanding of the way the depression affected Maycomb’s families and children.
    Due to the fact that Miss Caroline’s appearance, discouraging attitude, and lack of knowledge of the Maycomb County demographics, she does not fit the definition of a teacher. She is unable to contain herself during class, points children out to embarrass them, and does not dress properly for a teacher of the nineteen thirties. With more experience she would probably make a good teacher, but only time can tell.


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    Re: could someone please edit. I'm horrible with writing

    It looks acceptable to me on a quick inspection. I don't understand this bit:

    They should encourage their
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    students to learn

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    Re: could someone please edit. I'm horrible with writing

    Just a misprint. Thank you for catching it for me.

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