For future career success, is relate well to other people more important than studying hard at school?

Please tell me which following approach is better. thanks

Version 1:

To be success in a certain walk of life, one should prepare them a lot of tools including knowledge, communicational skill . Each of them will play a certain role in your path of pursuing success. However, there must be one key important more than others. Considering that fact, there a question is raised: “Is relate well to other people more important than studying hard at school?”. In response to this question, I would say both “yes” and “no”. I will discuss some arguments below to support my neutral position.

In the first place, I agree in some extent that relating well is more important than studying hard at school as to supporting achivement in one’s career. Indeed, there are fields in which success is tightly associated with contacting skill and cooperating capacity. The most typical example is business. In such an area, there is a high demanding of cooperation among people. Specifically speaking, one businessman must relate well with his partners or his cooperators in order to write up a feasible plan for the company and lead a business to prosperity or to draw investment. Even a chairman considers himself creative and smart, he is advised to discuss everything with all members of board of directors. It is also undenial that communicative capacity is one of the most needed quality of a saleperson. He or she is likely to sell more products as long as they relate with their customers well. That is the reason why, on the purpose of making profit, a insurance company always expects this kind of quality in its employers. To be clearer, we should regard the fact that, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who do not studying hard at schools, however, they can achieve big success in business world; and one of their essential stactics is mastering relationship skill.

Even though, mastering relationship skills is critical for success in some fields, this however can not overweight hard study in other areas. The reason is that these such fields require solid knowledge and complicated brain activities that can be prepared by working diligently rather than relating ability. For a supporting example, one should look at the cases of successful scientists. They totally dedicate themselves to study and research on the purpose of getting their goals. Interestingly, they often show their absurdity and make people do not much like them. Even John Nash "did not like people" and "was not favored by people", he still became a regarded and famous scientist. One more example to clarify this point is related to the cases of computer programmers. These workers do not need to associate well with other in oder to create a pre-eminent software but they need to work hard in the field of computer science. Also, if a teacher is able to relate well but he is incapable of imparting truly informative and interesting lessons, he is less likely to be a successful in his career.

In sum, whether relating well or studying hard is more important to be successful is up to specific areas. If your major is economy, you definitely should put priority on the former feature. In case you want to be a scientist, researcher, you should focus on latter factors. It is, of course, optimal if one is able to relate well and study hard simultaneously and some careers such as politics call for this combination.

Version 2:

In order to succeed, there are a lot of considerable factors to take into account such as relationship, communication ability, knowledge and so forth. However, when it comes to comparison between relating well and studying hard, there a question is raised: which is the more important key needed for achieving success? In my opinion, even though mastering relating skill is very critical, in order to achieve true success, we should put studying hard on priority. I this essay, I will discuss some arguments to pinpoint my view.

To begin with, studying hard can relatively assure that one has a good profile in order to succsessfully apply for a specific job in the future. After graduation, we might apply for a certain job. The first thing employers usually take in to account is our record of school performance or professional achievements. Since it is difficult to show the relating skill in the first place, people are advisable to impress the employers by their result from school which will shows them be valuable than other candidates. If their performance at school are poor, they are less likely to be accepted.

One more crucial reason is that studying hard at school will provide students necessarily solid knowledge to deal with tasks that they will inevitably encounter in their career. Knowledge accumulated from books or experiences from school or facts will aid them in mastering useful working and solving problem methods. It is also helpful for a person to be more innovative and productive than others since he or she is an expert in his or her field. For example, owning to studying hard, mastering technology and programming, one computer programmer can create a very standing and effective software and be recognized as successful person. Actually, he does not need to be a person who is good at relating.

Finally, studying hard at school is more essential for people to succeed because it will help them to build a sense or habit of persistence. There is no true success achieved without obstacles including difficulties and failures. So, when burden come, if people easily give up, they will obtain little as a consequence. Therefore, persistence is very integral considering achievement. Studying hard at school will better prepare them this awareness and this characteristic.

In sum, I concede that relating well is more and more necessary in modern life in which people’s interaction is ever emphasized. However, because of reasons listed above, I am confident to arrive at a conclusion that studying hard outweigh relating well in terms of supporting success in one’s career.

thanks a lot in advance