this is origanal text:
"the first thing to look for is the author's thesis or central argument. When asked to statue the thesis of a book or article, many students respond, 'This book is about...' and proceed to tell the events the book describes. This is wrong. The topic of the book(the material the book covers) and the thesis( the interpretation applied to that material) are not one and the same. There are many examples of books that share the same general topic( i.e, cover many of the same events) but differ markedly in interpretation (thesis)."

Here is my paraphising,
the thesis is author central argument, first thing to search for, not begin 'the book is about..', which tells only the books structure. The author using same general topics, share with the other authors the same events, but intepretares obviously different is author's thesis.

I would like to know in my paraphizing which points lacks of . also, i would like to know where is grammatically incorrect.