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    Please edit my comparative paragragh

    Question:-The characters of Emily and Obasan represent two very different Japanese women in the story. Write a paragraph which compares and/or contrasts the two women in the story. Choose four similarities and/or differences between the two women. You may write about similarities or differences, or a combination of both.

    Answer:-The first difference between Obasan and Aunt Emily is the generation. Obasan is Issei,the first Japanese Canadian generation,who was born in Japan and brought up in Canada ,a close friends with Grandma Nakane (18)whereas Aunt Emily is Nisei, the second Japanese generation who was born and raised in Canada (33).

    The second difference between Aunt Emily and Obasan is their lifestyles. “One lives in sound, the other in stone. An Obasan language remains deeply underground but Aunt Emily is a word warrior” (32). Obasan’s life has influenced deeply in Japanese culture, living in a small town of Granton, Alberta. She believes "silent is peace “and uses this motto as a value in her daily life. However, Aunt Emily, who lives in Toronto, has chosen speech as her advance and uses her words to speak up to fight for the rights of tormented Japanese Canadians.

    The third different character between these women is their manners. Obasan is a submissive person like most Eastern woman (224), who restrains to show her expression in her activities, nothing she says is direct (18). Aunt Emily, in contrast, is very open in expressing her emotion and anger .To her, if you are hurt you have to “Cry it out! Scream! Denial is gangrene."(50).

    The fourth different character between Obasan and Aunt Emily is their communication . Obasan always speaks a mix Japanese English in a vague and subtle words "Uncle and his wife…live in almost total silence. They speak a mixture of Japanese and English, mostly in two or three word sentences.” However, Aunt Emily’s English in "her billions of letters and articles and speeches. (42) " is very powerful and fluently.
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