Could you please check this paragraph for grammatical errors/awkward phrases?

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Life without someone who loves us is impossible, just like a world empty of people. Everyone in this world has someone who takes care of them. So do I. She is my mother.

I really respect my mother. Although she is getting old she always dresses well. For her, it is very important to dress well. When someone asks meabout my mother, I love to talk to them about her. Her name is Wan Rohani Wan Ahmad. She is 46 years old. She is approximately 5 feet tall and very slim. Unlike me, she has skin that is fair and soft. Something I like very much is that she has a dimple in her cheek and also in her chin. So, when she speaks and smiles, she looks very beautiful.

My mother has long and curly hair. Sometimes I am really afraid of her big eyes. Let me tell you why. As a mother, she always gives me good advice and occasionally scolds me. So, when she does that, her big eyes change, she narrows her eyes and looks so sharp that I am afraid. Even though she always scolds me, I know that it is because as a mother she wants to make sure all of her children have the right attitude.

To me, my mother means everything. She is my family, my support and my adviser. Even when I have trouble with my friends she helps me.She always pushes me to study hard and to have the best education. As agood mother , she likes to lend a hand to complete my homework when I am doubtful. She's good at everything. I think, it is a great deal to have a mother like her.

Beside be a good mother and wife, she is also a good cook. She loves to cook. She knows what each of us likes to eat. Every day, she cooks our favourite dishes to make sure we enjoy a good meal. With her around, my life is heaven!

When I think of my mother, I always remember this song:

Finally, I really want to say that I love my mother very much! In this life, I will make sure that I respect her and don't do anything to let her trust in me down. I love my mother..