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That's unfair- I would mark 'on the weekend' correct, as any American form should be accepted in British English. That's either snobbery or ignorance. 'On the weekend' is also used in Aistralia, etc.
Here's something rather interesting. Recently in Japan, JHS and HS English texts are introducing to the following (new) structure,

A: What's your name?
B: My name's Ono Miho. (Last name, Ono; first name, Miho.)

The following conversation--as much as I can remember-- took place last night between two adults: a Japanese national (B) and a North American tourist (A).

A: What's your name?
B: Ono Miho.
A: Nice to meet you Ono.
B: That's Mrs Ono.
A: Oh. Not Mrs Miho?
B: No, (giggle), Mrs Ono Miho.
A: Yes, but in English we don't use titles with first names.
B: I know. My name's Mrs Ono.
A: I thought you said your name was "Ono Miho"?
B: That's right. Ono is my family name and Miho is my first name.
A: Oh! Haha. I see. Sorry about that. You see, in English the first name comes first and the family name comes last.
B: Yes. I know that, but, you see, I'm Japanese. In Japanese, the last name comes first and the first name comes last.
A: Oh. I see... I don't think too many English speakers know that. They might make the same mistake as I just made.
B: They have, a great deal. But my name is Ono Miho, not Miho Ono.