Question: You are a football player, but you have to leave the team for a while. Write a letter to your teammate and say :

why you have to leave the team, how much you love the football team and when are you coming back.

Answer :
Dear Sanjay,

This is Ranjith and I am your teammate of “Bangalore Chaps” football team. I am writing to let you know about my unavailability for a short period.

We are going to our home town, which is 600 kilometers away from Bangalore. The reason for the sudden trip is my grandfather fell ill. My father and I have to take care of him. So I will not be available in city for another 3 weeks.

I like very much the football team and game. During the practice session, coach teaches us lot of techniques to pass the ball from one person to other person. Especially, the game which we won against the “Blue Warrior” team would be memorable one. I enjoy each and every moment of the game and practice session.

Sorely, I will be missing few games for a short period which I cannot avoid. After three weeks, I will join the team. Please convey the message to coach and other team members.

I hope to hear your response soon.

With Regards,