I am from the netherlands.
I wrote these summary but my theacher told me to look at it again. He said that the text was not correct. I cant see wat is wrong.

Thanks for helping me.

this is the summary:
Customer Complaints in 2008 and 2009

For the customer service department I have to write a short paragraph about customer complaints.

To begin with July 2008, the complaints about quality stood at 16. Between July and September the complaints about quality decreased with proportion to 12. Till November the number of complaints stood at the same level, after that it has risen to 14.
The complaints about the customer satisfaction was 5. It has grown slowly and reached his peak with 18 complaints in December.
The complaints about the delivery stood at 2 in July, in August it has raise small to 3 and in September it has fall slight to 2. After September it has increased strong and at the end of 2008 there were 8 complaints.

In July 2009 there were 16 complaints about the customer satisfaction. This has dropped modest to 18 in August. The next month it has sharply declined to 9. Between September and December there was a gentle fluctuation.
The complaints about quality stood at 8 in July. After that it has sharply increased to 18 in September. In October the complaints reduced drastic to 12. It has also collapse heavy in December and reached 2 complaints.
The complaints fluctuated little from 10 in July, to 8 in August and back to 10 in September. In October reached the delivery a peak of 13 complaints. Then it has decreased in proportion to 4 in December.

The complaints in 2009 in addition to 2008 were lower at the end. At last we hope that it will continue like this.