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    I wanted to improve my English, in terms of speaking, writing and reading so badly. I could speak,write and read but sometimes, if not most of the times, I am not sure whether I got it right. My objectives are really simple, speak and write good english!

    In order to improve my proficiency, I had started to read newspapers, books and other materials. As usual, I would make notes and document phrases which I feel it is interesting. Unfortunately, I seldom use them. So, after a while, I will forget some of them! Moreover, I don't enjoy reading grammer books, as I find it difficult to understand. I only do if I need it. I wonder whether do you have any tips for me to learn the language effectively?

    Anyway, I'm so pleased that I've found this web sites! I hope it could assists my learning. So, to begin with, how is my written English? Would you mind to correct it for me please?

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    Re: Learning


    I very much want to improve my English. I wish to improve my speaking, writing, and reading.

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