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    Question Failure is the line of least persistence

    Someone said, "Failure is the line of least persistence." My mother
    called it "stick-to-it." It generally boils down to a healthy
    combination of faith and hard work, and it usually means success.

    Of the above-mentioned...." ".

    What does " the line of least " refer to ? ?

    What does it( line of least) mean ?

    Many thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Re: Failure is the line of least persistence

    There is an idiomatic phrase in English about following the path (line) of least resistance. It usually means using the easiest possible method to accomplish a task while disregarding the quality of the results. Scientifically, liquids follow the line of least resistance when they flow downhill. The statement you quoted is a clever play on words based on the similarity in sound of persistance and resistance, but it means that people who are not persistant will fail.

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