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  1. fzhang

    Smile Where to get writing topics? I saw this......

    Hi, my name is Flora. I am now learning English by myself. I'm trying to write something in English everyday, but I don't know what to write about. I saw this in somebody's post in this forum:

    "my qestion
    You have an English friend called Lee. You are both going to another friendís birthday party next week.
    Write an e-mail to Lee. In your e-mail, you should
    ∑ Say how you will get there
    ∑ Suggest you go together
    ∑ Ask him for advice about a present.
    Write 35-45 on your answer sheet."

    This is what I need to practise writing in English. I need many many questions like this to practise my writing. Could anybody please tell me where to get questions like this? thank you a lot!

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    Re: Where to get writing topics? I saw this......

    You can get titles here: they give examples of exams at different levels, so helop yourself.

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